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In the dynamic realm of entertainment, Corey Cannon shines as a multifaceted talent, donning the roles of Producer, Actor, and the visionary mind behind a thriving Production Company, CineMammoth Productions. His journey in both producing and acting has traversed a rich tapestry of genres, encompassing action-packed features, gripping thrillers, heartwarming comedies, evocative period pieces, festive Christmas films, and captivating Crime Drama TV shows, among others. His versatility knows no bounds, a testament to his passion and dedication. A significant chapter in Corey's trajectory unfolds with his acceptance into the prestigious Producers Guild of America (PGA). This distinguished accomplishment amplifies his commitment to his craft and offers a platform for him to elevate his skills in the realm of producing, whether it's for the small screen or the grandeur of cinema. Corey Cannon's journey is an embodiment of artistic excellence and continuous growth, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.

To explore Corey Cannon's IMDB page, simply click on the icon provided. There, you'll discover his comprehensive resume encompassing acting and producing, along with insights into ongoing projects he's currently involved in.

Feel free to click on the provided icon to delve into the CineMammoth Productions website. There, you'll uncover a wealth of information about their production company, including the range of services they provide, a portfolio showcasing both current and past projects, an extensive inventory of equipment available for rent, and a detailed profile of the dedicated members who comprise the CineMammoth Productions team.

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