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Corey Cannon

Producer | Actor | Real Estate Investor


Corey Cannon is a multifaceted talent with a rich and diverse career in the entertainment industry and real estate. As a Producer and Actor, his creative journey spans an array of genres, including action features, thrillers, comedy, period pieces, Christmas films, Crime Drama TV shows, and so on. Corey's expertise has earned him recognition and membership in the esteemed Producers Guild of America (PGA), where he continues to refine his skills in producing for both TV and Film. 


While Corey's heart lies in the realm of Acting and Producing, his post-college ventures demonstrate his entrepreneurial spirit. He initiated several successful enterprises, notably Cannon Home Builders, a company renowned for crafting homes at all scales – from Barndominiums to modern residences and even venturing into the innovative tiny house market. Under his guidance, Triad Land and Development and Cannon Properties flourish, overseeing diverse real estate holdings that encompass multifamily properties, single-family homes, strategic property flips, and a diverse range of real estate investments. Notably, Corey is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent, showcasing his commitment to excellence in this industry. 


Corey's compelling journey speaks volumes about his dedication and adaptability. His ability to navigate multiple sectors with equal zeal underscores his ambition and determination to excel in all his pursuits. Through his accomplishments, Corey Cannon continues to inspire others to chase their dreams across various domains, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment and real estate landscape alike.

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